Saturday, 11 October 2008

Hi,this is my seccond happy mistake...
i moved form spain to u.k and some of my stuff has left there,my sketchbook,my comic books and my blue pencils...

but it's been a happy mistake cause now i'm starting to draw again,every
week we have a life drawing session at work, which is great,so i'll
upload some new sketches soon...

meanwhile,i have brought some drawings i could rescue,they are a bit old,but here they are,hope you enjoy them!

Anatomy study

The real cuban papito!

Skate or die?

Morning beauty

The night belongs to them

981 West coast Spanish Hip Hop Band

Me!. 24/7 !!


goooooood girl said...

Very fine......

Maria Jesus said...

a ver esos dibujos!!!!
jejeje un beso!!

Doctor Cerebro said...

No seas mequetrefe, haz mas dibujacos!!!

david rubín said...

ostras pedrín!!

no sabía que tenías blog!

fichado quedas, un abrazo, tio!!